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Chrimstas 2014 by snowp

Holiday sale for all items on my STORENVY =D!!!

1. Use the discount code “shxmas25" for 25% off on everything!

2. Buy 2 get 1 free deal is still ongoing!

Now until January 2, 2015

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

For :iconsecretsantas-2014:, thanks :iconbehindsmiles: for the invite and hosting!

In no particular order:
Lone character:
  1. Handa Seishuu (Barakamon)
  2. Archer (Fate Stay Night - not Gilgamesh)
  3. Aomine Daiki(Kuroko no Basuke)
  4. Yamazaki Sousuke (Free ES)
  5. Nine (Zankyou no Terror)
  1. Hector & Lyn (Fire Emblem 7)
  2. Haar & Jill (Fire Emblem 9, 10)
  3. Emiya Kiritsugu & Irisviel - with Ilya if you want (Fate/Zero)
  4. Aomine & Momoi (Kuroko no Basuke)
  5. Sigma & Luna (Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward)

Thank you!
Storenvy Prsc by snowp

★ ★

Hiya! So I set up a Storenvy cuz I have so much leftovers from past conventions just lying there… and not really able to go to cons regularly nowadays… 

I do believe there are stuff I’ve never posted online anywhere before… and half the store is on sale cuz stuff are old lol 

Aaannd did I mention store-wide buy 2 get 1 free??

Please check it out!!!!

And don’t hesitate to contact me there or here if you have any questions or concerns!

New kiriban... caught

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 6:42 PM
EDIT: Oops forgot to update, caught by temiji

After a very long time, I'm closing in on 30,000 pageviews, so that will be my next kiriban!

1. Take a screenshot showing the pageview number.
2. The first person (if for some reason multiple people catch it...) to show me gets a request.
3. Request can be of up to 2 characters. You can specify a pose/ details but I pick the style (ex. more cartoonish or realistic, coloring style, etc.)
4. You must be watching me when you send in the screenshot. Sorry but the purpose is to show my appreciation for people who've shown support. I would count faves, but I don't know how to track those.
5. If no one catches 30,000 exactly, I'm prepared to accept the first screenshots for the two closest (29,999 or 30,001). If not that, then 29,998 or 30,002, and so on.

Thank you and good luck =]

Treeline: by resurgere
So yeahhhhh Youmacon happening this weekend in Detroit!! Is it obvious how pumped I am yet XD?

I will be there in the artist alley all three days (ok not physically for the first bit of Friday but my things will be there, thanks to YummySuika and her friend) with :iconangeeya:, :iconfalsedelusion:, and :iconyummysuika: =]

So if you are attending, please come visit and identify yourself! (I will definitely remember your username if we've chatted) Who knows, I just might have free stuff XD?

I've yet to receive any info on exact placement... will update if I do get a map with that

Many thanks for the b-day gifts and wishes!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 1, 2013, 3:24 AM
Been travelling and being busy so it's super late but this is a must!

A thank-you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! Despite being sick, I had an awesome day. Part of that was also the beautiful artworks I received, thank you so much guys!!!

I'm surprised at all the character choices... they're the best I could ask for =D

Arguably my favorite otome guy <3 
happy birthday snowp! by chocobikies

Haar and Jill, one of the few canon couples (according to FE:RD epilogue) and probably my favorite XD omg Jill looks super pretty no matter how many times I look at it!
Naptime by theLostSindar

Anael and Zaphikiel from Angel Sanctuary... I love these two but I never see fanart of them

loll my current obsession and guilty pleasure >///<
Happy Bday SnowP!!! by YummySuika

and from my long-time buddy, from the only manga I read every week, thank you so much Jess!
Happy Birthday Angela! by noodle-house
Why no Free this week?! I was really looking forward to it =A=

And omg every chapter for the past few weeks of Magi had me squealing on the inside.
Ren Kouen, I am not disappointed. At all.
And Kougyoku and Alibaba, so cute >//<

And I've been drawing. Mostly trying to finish things I still owe people >_< I'm so sorry for the extreme delay... my motivation waxes and wanes; I'm easily distracted and can sometimes only draw my current obsessions... But don't worry, I still remember and will try REALLY hard to finish them before school starts again. (If I do end up forgetting, please beat me over the head for it orz) 

Going to the sea for a week so I'll get working on them again when I get back XD

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

More Anime North news!

Journal Entry: Fri May 10, 2013, 9:10 PM

Got the seating arrangement for Anime North Comic Market! I will be with my awesome friend :iconfalsedelusion: at


Here's the map for the place (I'm too lazy to personalize it and make it all pretty lol):

I have to get through a bunch of exams first but super excited nonetheless for two weeks from today!
And I shall be cosplaying for the first time in my life, as Morgiana from Magi XD It's completely makeshift from stuff I found at Value Village (cuz I can't sew T_T) and man, I still cannot get used to the hair color! Not totally done yet but fingers-crossed it'll be passable lol. Originally I wanted someone from Awakening cuz as you may know, it's one of my few long-lasting obsessions, as much as I love Magi, but the outfits are way way too complicated, it's not something an amateur like me can handle >__<

Please answer some questions for me!!! Thanks!
1)Who's going to AN???
1.5) Drop by please? I love meeting people I've met online in person haha
1.75) Are you cosplaying?? As?

2) Popular anime and games in your opinion at the moment?

3) Are there any drawings I have up that you think I should make prints of? (You can answer even if you're not going. And be honest. I'm trying to gauge how much I should print, if any.)

4) What do you think reasonable prices are for:
a. Bookmarks
b. Buttons (1.25 and 2.25 inches)
c. Laminated keychains
d. Postcard size prints
c. Letter size prints
e. Poster size prints
4.5) What about pencil on the spot commissions (that you pick up later during the convention)?

5) What do you look forward to the most when going to anime conventions?

That's all! Thank you for any feedback in advance!

Old friends/con-buddies, can't wait to see you again :tighthug:!! Of course, also looking forward to meeting new people =] Till then!

Hey guys,

I am registered for a full panel in Gallery Momiji at Anime North this year, but I don't want it anymore since I don't have enough artworks to display. Problem is, I can't withdraw and get a refund unless someone else takes my space. So if anyone is interested in displaying art on a 4x8 feet panel in the gallery, selling stuff without having to man a table, please email the curator at <>!

I'm still going to AN this year though! Hope to see some of you there!
Anyone been to or going to go to Youmacon? As an artist?
Experiences?? Share with me!
Is the artist alley worth it?
Anime North is just two days away!!!!!!

I will be at D06 in the Comic Market!!! With my friend :iconnoodle-house: Table arrangements at Aka-Shiro

Come visit me!!! (even if it's just talk) Wow lol it would be SOO cool to meet dA ppl there!! And I've been making a lot of new stuff XD

See ya soon!!
After watching episode 3, I told myself I was no longer going to look at spoilers, because the episode really did get spoiled for me (partially).

I still kept going on tumblr though, I guess I subconsciously still wanted to know, the sooner the better.

But man! Too many spoilers this week!! Korra is probably the first fandom I've been part of from the beginning. Do leaks like these happen for other shows??

That's it. I'm swearing off tumblr and going back to my ignorant days.

END OF RANT. Sorry for a pointless post.
Hey guys,

My friends :iconsuperstarpanou: and :iconchocobikies: have been doing these sketch requests and dumping them on a page! It looks incredibly fun, so here I am joining the bandwagon!

Their examples: Sketch Requests Done! [04/09/12] by superstarpanou 10 sketch requests TheOtaku by chocobikies

Request away!!

1. :iconkramgnauh:
2. :icona-c-l:
3. :iconsuperstarpanou:
4. :iconchocobikies:
5. :iconyuuike:
6. :iconineedagir:
7. :iconshivu2738:
8. :iconsavagefrog:
9. :iconcrimsonalloy:
10. :iconkioco:
11. :iconbananasaurr:
12. :iconluxiosis:
13. :iconcorenb:
14. :iconsourl:
15. :iconalexaclyne:
16. :iconvalentinehearts:
17. :iconomidog06:

P.S. Korra episode 3 in 2 days!!!!
Legend of Korra airs exactly one month from today, APRIL 14th!!! Calendar marked! not that I would need a calendar to remember that.

Man this is so frickin awesome!!! I was expecting fall 2012 lol

plus new trailer all over tumblr:…

Massive thanks to :icongreenifyme:, my source for all Avatar news
I've been obsessing over Legend of Korra for the past couple of days, AGAIN.

I got so excited over the summer when the trailer and development art came out at SDCC >.<

To be honest, I was pretty much apathetic when it was first announced (what, even though I LOVE Avatar?!), I guess because I was still attached to the old characters.

But it looks AMAZING.

People who care probably already know that it's scheduled to start airing some time this year, don't know when though.

I forgot about this, but apparently the finale of AtLA aired on my birthday 4 years ago. I had just graduated from high school then. This year, I'm graduating from undergrad, so the timing's pretty awesome XD Hope that means it will be an awesome year.

So yeah, go watch the trailer on youtube:… ???!!!
I've read that everything has been upgraded, story-wise and production-wise
Just from the trailer (and leaks), it's obvious that the characters look more mature (yay!), the art and animation are better, and the look is more anime-ish too XD

Plus I haven't been happy with how I've been drawing lately. My 'style' (lol my stuff is generic so not sure if you can even call it that) is a mush of styles that I love, which sucks.

Anyway, I've been duplicating Legend of Korra development drawings (cuz they're so pretty), trying to figure what exactly I don't like about my 'style'. Plus it's so good for different facial expressions, cuz I've noticed everything I draw has similar pose and facial expression orz
Basically just trying to be less lazy about actually tackling issues that I notice (wow so many of them...)

And I remembered about my mechanical pencil with B lead, great for lineart for the time being since I'm more steady with it than with pen. oh crap, way to contradict myself a line later, looks like I'm still avoiding putting in the effort to overcome some issues.

Sorry guys about the ramble, this seems to happen a lot when I only intended a short journal. Probably cuz I don't spazz about fandoms/ talk about drawing enough in real life XD

Oh yeah, and Valentine's Day is coming up, I should try to post something, considering I've been missing pretty much every occasion that people make art for on dA haha

My point is, CAN'T WAIT FOR KORRA!!! YEAH!!!
Yup it's Chinese New Year!

Last year I mostly forgot, but this year, I've had my dumplings and I've watched the CCTV new year's program =]

Hope it will be a good year!


Leaving this journal here seems to short...

Even though I don't feel that way since I visit dA a lot, I guess I have been quite inactive.

I sketch a lot but I'm sure no one wants to see that here plus I'd have to walk 30 min to the library to scan them, so I haven't.

And I seriously don't know what to say in journals... I play a lot of video games (gba, ds, indie computer games), watch only a few anime, read the same mangas I've been reading for ages, and watch TV shows.

Lol I don't even know why I'm talking about this.

Well I definitely want to draw more. And I wanted to make a visual novel before Christmas because I had been playing so many, but considering how much work that requires and how my fervor has died down already, I guess that's not likely. Still, I've been brainstorming, and maybe I'll actually have recurring ocs wth stories someday lol

Very much looking forward to zeiva's game Area-X, though I know it will be quite a while. Loved X-Note, but Area-X is supposed to be faster, higher, stronger. Lol just kidding, I'm looking forward to the Olympic games. And hoping I will know where my future is going by then.

Oh back to Area-X. It's an otome game like its predecessor X-Note, with longer story (?), improved art, and more (obtainable) characters. And!!! It's sci-fi with time travel, probably my one favorite genre. Now that's the whole package.

zeiva and muhoho-seijin have been huge inspirations over the past months. Together they make up Zeiva Inc. Check out their games at their dA or website: The commercial ones especially are pretty impressive.

Anyway, have a great year!

Question: game, anime, manga, tv show recommendations please!!!
I entered a fanart contest on facebook hosted by the game developer Winter Wolves.

If you have facebook, please please go here:… and have a look!! Vote for me if you like my entry? I think you have to like the group first. it was submitted under my real name, angela

The Flower Shop by snowp
My entry

Basically the 3 entries with the most votes will win a free game. Unfortunately, the contest probably doesn't get viewed by many people, and it's all contestants asking their friends to go and vote. Even the host of the contest said that's what we are supposed to do... which kinda makes this a popularity contest (with the goal of getting more people to see the company's games, I think).

So if you could just take 10 seconds to go to the link and vote, I would really really appreciate it! ha I don't update my journal in 6 months and this is what I have? believe me, I wanted it to be something else, but it looks like I'd never even have a chance if I don't try to promote myself >< and I really want one of the games...

Thank you guys so much!

Real update coming up shortly!
looks like I'm approaching 20,000 pageviews!

considering how long that took, it's sorta a big deal... to me XD

purpose of this entry:

KIRIBAN at 20,000!

someone catch it! (please >_<)

send me the screenshot and get a full-color request!

My friend recommended it to me ages ago, but noooo I didn't listen... but it's so awesome!!
I'm really surprised that one baseball game can last ~10 episodes but I was never bored for a moment!
It reminds me of why I like sports anime/ manga... there are so many good-looking guys (often not from the main school, sadly)! And because romance is not a focus, I can fantasize all I want >__<

Which brings me to the matter at hand... 99% of oofuri fanart is BL...

It's weird... before I started watching, I didn't really like the art style... never thought I'd find any characters actually ATTRACTIVE...

HARUNA!!! His looks remind me of Ryoma from PoT (though I didn't actually like Ryoma that much)

I haven't WATCHED any anime for a long time (I mean, I read a lot of manga), but seems like I'm getting back into it XD


Tetsuwan Birdy Decode!! (storyline of season 2 was especially good... NATARU!!!! <-- lol he's the reason it was so awesome)

Sket Dance (manga; anime just began) hilarious, but had its touching moments. SWITCH!!!!

Ghost Hunt (mystery... plus Naru XD)

Hehehe... kinda evident that I only watch shows with handsome guys in them... haha but seriously, I ACTUALLY DO care a lot about the plot too.


Sorry this was kind of a pointless journal ><, just really had to spazz about all the awesomeness XD
:star:1. I got a new sketchbook! It's small 8x11 not 11x14 like my old one and it's black and hardcover XD so umm I feel kinda cool lol

Actually I got it 2 weeks ago. The plan was to use it as a diary/ sketchbook with daily entries. that hasn't worked out... I only have 4 pages so far...

:star:2. Following from #1, I got a tumblr! cuz

a) :iconnoodle-house: got one and told me to too

b) I know I hardly update at all... that's because I doodle A LOT, but seldomly finish and I doubt ppl wanna see all my sketches. plus no scanner, so the quality would suck too

c) tumblr let's you post picture in the middle of a post

d) tumblr is just more casual

Anyway, at the moment, it's just kinda fun, so I'm gonna try it out!

For anyone interested, it's @

And do you have a tumblr blog? if yes, please provide link if you don't mind (i.e. not personal blog, has your art etc)

:star:3. I watched Batman: Under the Red Hood!!!!
yup I'm a DC fan, not hardcore cuz I haven't read any of the comic books, but still really like DC universe stuff!

I haven't watched much besides Justice League, Young Justice, and some Batman, but this is my favorite so far. Quite dark, I think, and emotional.

And Jason Tood is so handsome lol

So who's your favorite Robin?

I don't really know anything about Tim Drake and later ones >.<

I can't really distinguish, I like Dick a lot too

:star:4. Other obsessions: video games!

a) 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors: awesome sci-fi/ mystery story, still can't figure some stuff out... like everything about alice

b) Ghost Trick: another mystery/ supernatural story.

c) Lufia curse of the sinistrals: such pretty characters and funny, and it's adventure rpg, which I like a lot more than turn based

d) Fire emblem 7: man addicting, just addicting. get so obsessed with supports and maxing stats ><

So in the mood for fanarts!

Final conclusion: damn I really need to study.
I went to see Tangled today!!!
lol not many people there, quite a few parents with little kids who ran around the theatre after the movie XD
but last year I got obsessed with Disney all over again, and when I found out Walt Disney Animation Studios was making another princess movie, I told myself I had to go see it

And I'm happy =] Rapunzel was adorable and Flynn was pretty cool too! the setting was just beautiful!

one thing that bothered me was how simply they killed the 'witch' even though I didn't think she was all evil
and sadly, even though Alan Menken compose the music, none of the songs stood out that much =[

hehe I love this theatre =] cuz after Tangled, I snuck into Harry Potter 7!
never read the 7th book so not sure how the movie compares, but the flow was pretty good (unlike in 6th XD) really dark but still humorous
the second part is gonna be epic, I expect